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Hi, my name is Karen Hyams.
I'm a Massage Therapist in Sydney.
I do treatments in the comfort of your home.


Karen Hyams

I completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage at Nature Care College in Sydney.

I have also studied myofascial release therapy and cranio-sacral therapy with Patricia Farnsworth, and continue to study in this area.

I have worked with a variety of clients of all ages, fitness levels and body types, including athletes, pregnant/post-natal women, and office workers.

Personally, I have always been drawn to natural therapies as my first choice for health care.

With a skill and passion for healing, I combine a variety of massage techniques ranging from gentler methods (such as myofascial and cranio-sacral therapy) to more specialied therapeutic methods.

On-going monitoring and assessment of progress, means that each session caters to the specific needs of the client.


Oncology Massage

This technique safely addresses the needs of a cancer patient, by understanding the science and paying close attention to the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the client during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivorship , or palliative care. It is a safe, gentle and mindful massage , where the techniques are adapted to work safely with clients even whilst in the middle of chemotherapy or radiation. It can help alleviate the side effects of these toxic treatments, can enhance quality of life, strengthen the immune system, and reduce stress.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio sacral therapy is an extremely gentle treatment which works on the connection between the sacrum, spine and skull. It involves cradling and holding of the various bones in the cranium to allow subtle shifts and encourage the optimal flow of cranio-sacral fluid between the brain, spine and sacrum. It can be an effective treatment for headaches, TMJ dysfunction, migraines, teeth grinding and depression.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a treatment modality that manipulates the soft tissues of the body including movement for a specific therapeutic effect, rather than a general therapeutic effect. It uses relevant techniques, lubricants and movements according to the client’s needs and response.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage melts away your stress having a gentle treatment focussing on long, slow flowing strokes to encourage a deep sense of relaxation and bliss.


I use chiropractic designed and approved body pillows so you can lie face down, fully supported and safely from early pregnancy to due date.

I also offer a side lying treatment which places no stress on the baby bump.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release involves a gentle stretch, with only a few grams of pressure, which allows the fascia (the connective tissue) to 'unwind' itself. The dysfunctional tissues are guided along the path of least resistance until free movement is achieved.

Somato Emotional Release (SER)

Myofascial unwinding or Somato Emotional Release (SER) is the release of emotional energy which is held in the body. If emotion cannot be released or expressed at the time it was generated, or if a trauma is accompanied by strong emotions, the particular emotion(s) may become trapped in the tissues of the body. SER is the process of discovering and releasing the emotion or emotional energy. When an SER begins, so will movement in the patient's body. If you are supporting a limb, it may make large movements. If you have your hands resting on the body, the large movements may happen as well, but you may detect very subtle, quiet movement.


MLD can be used pre surgery to prepare tissues for incision, and post surgery to promote healing and aid in reducing inflammation. I have worked with many clients especially with liposuction and joint replacements, to great effect. MLD eliminates waste, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and filters toxins whilst bolstering the lymphocyte production ,which fights disease.


This technique is an innovative adaptation of traditional cupping methods. It uses cream to allow the gentle gliding of the cups which avoids marking the skin. It can help prevent scarring, and assists in reducing localized inflammation by increasing nutrient rich blood supply to the injured area. It is especially effective for plantar fasciitis, lipodema, scar reduction, and working over screws and plates, especially in the ankles.

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$120 for 1 hour.
$170 for 90 minutes.
ATMS 26603

Receipts can be provided for all health fund providers except:

  • Defense Health
  • CUA Health
  • HBF
  • HCF
  • MyOwn Health
  • Medibank Private

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"As a result of busy work schedule I often experience tension in my body, especially around my neck. I feel very lucky to have met Karen who is a talented, caring therapist who understands the individual's specific needs. I found her techniques deeply healing and I would recommend her service to anyone who is looking for a professional massage therapist with a special touch." Francesca Murden, Psychotherapist & Counsellor Haberfield NSW

"It really is amazing...yes, my whole neck/ face /jaw/ eyes felt lighter and more 'available' today. And I had a very different sleep....deep and nourishing. My jaw is still feeling good. I'll see how it is in the morning. Another treatment would be good...I'll keep in touch" Jennifer (Principal Concord High School)

"I had been suffering from terrible muscle spasms in my back and neck and Karen helped me over several sessions. She helped my neck 'unwind' in the most natural and gentle way. I would recommend her to anyone suffering neck or back pain" Melanie Elderton (Child care Worker)

"Karen has a magic touch. She is extremely in tune with the body and you can really feel her calming and positive energy radiating through you as she irons out your kinks. You end up feeling really relaxed and tension free. Thanks Karen" Sue Nelson

"Karen treated me during my second pregnancy and her massages became a necessity to ease the aches and pains. The pregnancy cushion allowed me to lie on my stomach and be treated which was heavenly. Karen was mindful of my body, my bump and my well being and I highly recommend her!"

"As a Yoga Teacher I have a lot of massages but Karen's Cranial was something I can't express into words and can highly recommend to anyone that needs to switch off their mind!" Meera Allen
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“My neck and jaw feel absolutely amazing! I have never before experienced such a dramatic change in how that area feels after just one treatment.” RD

“The service Karen provides to the Staff of Selleys/Yates is very professional & we see the program being of great benefit and part of our ongoing aim to make our workplace a safer and better place to work. We have run a massage program for the past 18 months with a number of therapists during this time, and Karen has been the most well received of them all.”

“As an ex-dancer with the Australian Ballet and now a physically active working mother, finding an excellent massage therapist can be a disappointing endeavour. Karen Hyams is not only a talented therapist; she listens to her client’s needs, dedicated to helping them recover from their ailments/injuries. Punctual and always friendly, I would not hesitate in recommending Karen; she is truly one of kind.” Nina